Curls Back

I began to wear hats half of the year ago and don’t know how I didn’t buy them before. I have already four hats in my closet and I absolutely love them. I think it became very trendy nowadays and I understand why. You can wear it with any outfit you want (of course not with the evening dress), but it can be a skirt, casual dress, jeans or leggings. Sometimes it just finishes your outfit. Another good tip with hat is when you have a bad hair day, when you feel that your hair is super messy. Just put your hat on and you’re free to go. It will look good with any hair type: long or short, curly or straight, black or blond. If you love it then wear it, even if you’re not feel comfortable with it, think about how good your outfit will look if you complete it with good hat at the end. I’ve already posted some outfits with the hat and will be posting in the future, but if you don’t have the same clothes in your closet as in my posts, that’s ok, I have some cool app for you. It’s called Trusper. There you can find a huge variety of outfits with the hats and many more tips about everything. It’s looks like Pinterest, but I like Trusper more because it’s better and easier.

Wear everything that makes you confident!)

With much love, Maria


Top: Free People

Jeans: Forever 21

Boots: Franco Sarto

Hat: Forever 21


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