April Favorites

Today my post will be about things that I literally fall in love with. This products just made my spring, so lets check them out!

Mac Mineralize Blush

I’m just in love with this blush. It looks like pink, but it’s not. On the face it looks like two colors lightly pink+white which looks very fresh. Very nice for every day and no shimmer. Mine in the shade “Just a Wisp”.


Mac Lipstick

Red lipsticks are my favorite and I think they will always be, but it’s spring right now and I wanted to pick up something light and nude. This lipstick is the bomb!!! It’s very lightly pinky nude color with a little gold in it. Mine in the shade “Giddy”.


Burberry Parfum

This is my favorite scent for six years already and I can’t pick up another one. I am searching for a new one, but this attracts my attention every time I try to buy something new. It smells like vanilla, fresh fruits, and amber.


Make Up Forever HD Foundation

My all time favorite foundation will always be Revlon because it’s full coverage and it stays all day, but everybody was raving about this one and I decided to give it a try. I love it because it’s invisible coverage and it seems like you don’t have foundation on your face, but you really do. The only mines for me personally is that I have to put a few layers to get a full coverage, but after layering it looks great. It works for me and I love it!)



I love trying a new tea and I don’t really like coffee. My all time time favorite teas are mint and melissa and also different fruit teas. This one occasionally pops out in TJ Maxx. I can’t find it in the Internet all together, bit it’s available separately. My favorites from four are raspberry and of course egyptian tea. If you are a tea lover you should definitely try these.


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