April Favorites

Today my post will be about things that I literally fall in love with. This products just made my spring, so lets check them out!

Mac Mineralize Blush

I’m just in love with this blush. It looks like pink, but it’s not. On the face it looks like two colors lightly pink+white which looks very fresh. Very nice for every day and no shimmer. Mine in the shade “Just a Wisp”.


Mac Lipstick

Red lipsticks are my favorite and I think they will always be, but it’s spring right now and I wanted to pick up something light and nude. This lipstick is the bomb!!! It’s very lightly pinky nude color with a little gold in it. Mine in the shade “Giddy”.


Burberry Parfum

This is my favorite scent for six years already and I can’t pick up another one. I am searching for a new one, but this attracts my attention every time I try to buy something new. It smells like vanilla, fresh fruits, and amber.


Make Up Forever HD Foundation

My all time favorite foundation will always be Revlon because it’s full coverage and it stays all day, but everybody was raving about this one and I decided to give it a try. I love it because it’s invisible coverage and it seems like you don’t have foundation on your face, but you really do. The only mines for me personally is that I have to put a few layers to get a full coverage, but after layering it looks great. It works for me and I love it!)



I love trying a new tea and I don’t really like coffee. My all time time favorite teas are mint and melissa and also different fruit teas. This one occasionally pops out in TJ Maxx. I can’t find it in the Internet all together, bit it’s available separately. My favorites from four are raspberry and of course egyptian tea. If you are a tea lover you should definitely try these.


Artisan Coffee

This post is a short story about one place that I liked very much and regret that I live a little far from it, so I can’t go there as often as I want. Recently, I’ve visited nice blue little coffeehouse-Artisan Coffee. The atmosphere there is amazing and cozy, you’re like at home talking with your friends or studying, or just rolling on the couch scrolling favorite websites. It reminded me an old coffeehouse or some kind of old house and it’s blue outside. I definitely recommend going there, but again not on the weekend because there were many people and sometimes you have to wait for a seat. I was very pleased with everything there. The coffee is super awesome and it serves in the vintage mug. Also, there is a huge variety of delicious pastries and sandwiches. There is a huge table if you want to draw, play game, or just sit with the laptop.The interior with decorations, pictures, little details, and old blue commode provide a warm feeling and the caffe itself very comfortable and bright. The prices are also affordable. Great spot to hang out with people with whom you can talk many hours and not realize that so much time has passed while you were talking. The atmosphere is like you’re not in the same town anymore:)  Oh and there is free Wi-Fi. Lots of good thoughts about this place. Hope to come there again soon!)

Have a fantabulous day wherever you are!)

With much love, Maria


February Favorites

Rosebud Salve Lipbalm

This is just a perfect balm for the winter time. It stays on the lips for a really long time, so you don’t have to apply it 6 times per day. Balm is nourishing, moisturizing, and soothes dry lips.


Too Faced Blush

Absolutely in love with this blush. Now it’s my favorite one. Even though I don’t really like pink color, I like this one. The color is actually not as pink, on the cheeks it’s lightly pink. It depends how much you apply.

новый коллаж

Peppermint Swirl Hand Cream

If you know me, so you know that I’m in love with the peppermint scents. This hand cream is really nice. It heals the dry skin, moisturizes, and smells really good.


Cozy Cabin Candle

This is my favorite winter candle. It smells like vanilla and sage. So sad that it ended and I won’t be able to buy it until the next year:(


Youth Code Texture Perfector Serum

It helps to get rid of pores, blemishes, and dry skin. I really love it, but the only minus is that it ends very fast. As you see, the bottle is almost empty, I’m using it only a little more than one month and to pay 25$ every month is not fun.


Sandra Orchard “Deadly Devotion”

If you like detectives and confusing stories with unpredictable endings, then this book is just for you. Probably, some people won’t like because it has a lot of mystery, but I really do.



I have a lot of stuff that I used during January and I’d like to share my most favorite among all of them with you guys. I always like to try new things and it doesn’t matter if it’s food, make up, new place, etc. If I am 100% sure that I like it I’d definitely advise to try it to my friends, my mom, you:) I also like when someone advise me something, so in that way I’m not wasting money for the new thing that I might not like. Here I the things that I loved in January (pretty sure I will love them in the future:)

The Righteous Butter

This butter is just amazing. It’s very moisturizing and it smells just like Miss Dior, so you don’t have to buy the parfum for 100$. I’ve been using a lot of products from “Soap & Glory” recently and they’re my favorite so far.

новый коллаж

Extreme Strength Builder Plus

It’s really good mask for those who have damaged hair because it’s moisturizes, gives strength, and healthy look. Hair is very soft and silky. I have very curly hair, so it seems that it’s just created for me because it’s even easier to brush it.


ZOYA Nail Polish

I liked this nail polish during the holidays. I like it now, but especially during Christmas because it’s green like a Christmas tree. It’s a beautiful matte green color. It’s my first nail polish by Zoya and I’m loving it so far. Easy to apply and stays long on nails (3-5 days).


Elf Blending Brush

Usually, I’m using Urban Decay brush from naked pallets to blend the eye shadows, because for me they’re really good, but I found this brush in Target just for 1$ and I love it too. It helps evenly apply eye shadows.


Bliss Oxygen Mask

My friend advised me to buy this mask and I fall in love with it. You only need a drop or two on your entire face because it’s foaming very quickly and it becomes like a shaving gel on your face. After that your face will look fresh and smooth. This is one of my favorite masks now.


Trader Joe’s Organic Peppermints


Robyn Carr “The Wonderer”

I love this book mostly because it’s about traveling. It teaches us to discover, explore, search something that will make our lives better, search places that will take our breath and mind away. I won’t tell you the whole story because it won’t be interesting for you to read, let it be intriguing. I advice you to read this book more than anything else in this post because it worth your time.


Pandora Necklace

It’s my Christmas present and I was super happy when I saw this. This is something new for me, I don’t usually wear jewelry like this, but from this time-YES I do. I love it because it’s very simple and I can wear it even for every day.


That’s all things that I liked in January. Hope you found this post useful for you. I really love all these things and will definitely repurchase all beauty products that I’ve just mentioned. Thanks for reading.

Have a fantabulous day wherever you are!)

With much love, Maria





Visiting new cool inspirational caffe is always a good idea. Last week, I visited new caffe “Gasperi” which is in Hudson Ohio. I just literally fall in love with it. The interior is so homely and pleasurable that you feel like you’re at home. Relaxing and welcome atmosphere. There you can also draw and make up puzzles, and it’s a fantastic place to study or for me write a posts, I’d definitely have gigantic amount of inspiration and thoughts. The coffee is also very tasty there. It goes with a big mug, so you can enjoy it for a pretty long time. I think if you’ll go there with your friends, you’ll spend hours sitting and talking about everything and the time will pass very quickly. We were there for two hours, but it was like two minutes. It’s definitely my favorite place for now. They change their decoration according to the season. If you live in Ohio you should definitely go there and check out by yourself, you’ll love it. It’s better to go there in the weekdays because there will be a lot of people during the weekend. Take a book with you or something that you love to do during your free time. The only minus is that we were waiting 30 minutes for our coffee. Hopefully, it was useful for you.

Have a fantabulous day wherever you are!)

With much love, Maria