Until the Next Spring

I had so many good springs that have brought me so much pleasure and adventurous. Once in while, it’s nice to remember all memories that you’ve had previous springs. Who surrounded you at that moment, what you felt when you saw the first bloom on the trees, how you spend your first warm night, your feelings when you felt first warm wind on your cheeks. Every spring should be special and all yours.



I love spring because everything is floral, colorful and bright. You want to drown in every field of flowers and just lay on the grass staring at the sky with no reason. That’s called pleasure.


Spring is the time for cute dresses and floral crowns.



Spring helps you to understand the beauty of this world and teaches everybody to respect the Earth. Earth gives us so many beautiful things and we have to be thankful for it. Nature must our best friend.


Wait you here until the next spring! xo



Dress: Forever 21

Floral Crown: Forever 21

Boots: GAP

Nails: Essie

Purple Sunset

Life is too short to be negative, to cry, to live in fear, to focus on what you don’t have, to complain, and to underestimate your worth. Instead, we should think about what’s happening right now. We should laugh, love, forgive, take every chance, apologize when we should, smile, sing and dance when we’re happy, forget all mistakes and learn from them, wake up every morning with the words “Thank you God, for this life and forgive me if I don’t love it enough”, be thankful for everything, spend usefully time with the right people, appreciate the beauty of this world, be bright and shiny, travel, be yourself, and just do things that you never thought you could, so something wild, adventurous, amazing. Amazing places in this world and amazing people to have fun with. Time is a very precious thing and wasting it for the things that not bring you joy and happiness will lead to regret, compassion, and sorrow. You don’t need this in your life. Don’t plan anything. If you ant to do something, do it right now, but the most important are people who will share your qualities, wild way of thinking, and passion for spending the time usefully.

With much love, Maria



Coachella Inspired

This spring weather forces to do wild things. Everybody is waiting for hot nice weather to go on adventure and explore everything around and far. I wanted to go to Coachella this year, but I didn’t, well maybe next year:) Even if I didn’t go there, I still decided to come up with the outfit that will be convenient and comfortable to have fun on Coachella. Comfy outfit is required if you are planning to go to any festival. I chose to throw on some very light cropped top and long bohemian flowy skirt and match them with some bracelet and flower crown. Seems like pretty comfortable decision, ha?:)

Have a fantabulous and adventurous spring!)

With much love, Maria


Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Hollister

Bracelet: Aeropostale

Floral Crown: Forever 21l6BVanxju2E2VTgwH4CHNwNnPCG1c3BvMHjWEmrO3fyAn1qlT9pBfVwrL4Oj0nT1X0lEEQDNVyJMghlDorRmDGEg40brIg2tvnY9jkLOxDaaMQ_oVnhtasFmI0TdfuzqGmTUeKdZm7_2z50aHvao7PC2RActvD6hA0nzUZ-scxqLumvQ

Another Spring

Spring is in the air and change and positive energy is around us. You have to make it as a priority to give yourself the time to think , understand, and reflect on your life, your future goals. Spring gives you a gigantic opportunities to have something that you didn’t do the last spring, you are desperately in need of this chance in your life. Let your life bloom and shine. If you haven’t thought about it for a while then today, this spring is a perfect time to spend some time with yourself, with your thoughts and feelings, with dreams and inspirations, and hopefully you will have a dream to to be in a beautiful, different for you place that will please you heart. If you’re constantly busy or trying to fill your life up with things that don’t matter you will never get in touch with yourself. Discover what you want and places you want to visit.Take time to drive to your favorite spot or go for a walk somewhere in nature, wherever is on your mind. Eventually, this is spring and your eyes already blooming 😉

Have a great and adventurous spring!)

With much love, Maria


Top: Forever 21

Shorts: Hollister

Boots: Gap



Be in love with the place where you live. When you don’t like it, it just ruin your days, hopes, and dreams. You can travel a lot, but you always have to have a desire to go back to your best place. Your lake of happiness and memories. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad. They are yours! If you refuse to reach your goal, if you don’t look forward in the future, it means that you don’t have life. You need to have a huge desire to do something big and don’t waste your time on the relaxation. Worship on the knees and be thankful what you have because some people don’t have at least half of what you have. Live now and look what happening around. Don’t just sit with the computer or phone. GO AND EXPLORE! You can reach success in this world, but you need to pick up your ass and do your best. It won’t be easy, who said that it would be easy? Friendly saying, most of the time it will be hard,sometimes even unbearably hard, but you can handle everything if you have faith. Just believe in yourself and it will be even more successful than you expected. Don’t be in a rush all the time, cause you’re passing by all the beautiful places that sometimes only you can see. For example, my brother don’t understand the beauty of this world, everything seems the same to him, but I see all places differently, even if I was in one place ten times, I will still explore something new for myself, something that I didn’t notice when I was previous time. I call it calm, grace, and gratitude.

With much love, Maria


Dress: Forever 21

Hat: American Eagle

Jacket: Forever 21

Rings: Forever 21

Nail Reindeer Stickers: whatsupnails

Tights: TJ Maxx

Boots: Franco Sarto



I’ve tried a lot of looks this November, but this one is my favorite so far. It’s very comfortable and loose. When people dress like this, especially with a dark lipstick, they feel very confident and they know what they want. I think it’s a good think when you put a goal in your your life and try to reach it at any cost. Most people aren’t confident because someone told that they won’t be able to do it and they immediately switching to another goal and another… You can listen the advices from the people that you know or love, but you always have to have your own head and thoughts. Don’t let somebody change your individuality, but wait!!! Too much confidence is also not good. It’s bad if you hurt another people going to your goal and not thinking what will happen with them. You concentrated only on yourself. You’d better go to your goal with all your power, but also think about others. That’s a confidence that everybody must have. I am almost always confident in my actions, if something is not going like it must be, it means that I’m doing it in a wrong way and it’s good to make mistakes because you learn from it. As people say, “It’s better to learn on somebody else’s mistakes, so you can do it better”.

Have a fantabulous day wherever you are!)

xo, Maria


Shirt: Forever 21

Jeans: Joe’s

Jacket: Forever 21

Watch: Bass&Co

Bag: Forever 21

Boots: Steve Madden





Yeeey today was the first day of snow. Winter has been my favorite season recently. Everything is so Christmasy, and holidays, and snow fights, and insanely beautiful sceneries of the nature,and snowman, and many, many other stuff that warm my heart in winter. Today, was a breath of winter in the fall air. I like to wear cozy winter sweaters, especially ugly grandpa sweaters 😀  I love when there is a little windy and snowflakes are falling very slowly, at that time I’m like in winter wonderland. Everything seems to be covered with blanket and you just want to fall on the bed and admire that scenery. I just love going climbing to the mountains in winter. It’s like a fairy-tale. I enjoy magnificent mountains landscapes. Always take breath away when I see it. Hope to visit some mountain resort in Colorado this winter.  I looove snow, a lot of snow.When I was a kid,my friends (my band:) and  I always went to the river because it was covered with a thick ice and we could skate on it. I’m always ready to decorate everything for Christmas. If I could, I would probably decorate all houses in the US:) Hallo!!! Christmas is even better than my birthday! It’s the season of the year that I enjoy the most! The days are getting colder guys, have a warm heart:)

Have a fantabulous day wherever you are!)

xo, Maria

Dress: Ralph Lauren

Sweater: Maurices

Hat: H&M

Bag: Patricia Nash

Shoes: Sofft