Our life depends from accidental meetings, power of destiny, and unexpected changes in our lives. Coincidences, these little miracles, are hints. The world has so many plans for you that you can’t even imagine. This coincidences are easy to see when the time passes, so you can see what have changed and why, but the one who can see them in the right time can use it in the most advantageous way. This person has all chances to get the proper possibilities in the life and be successful. Besides, this success turns into energy and the person wants to do more and more, and do not want to waste the time. The more you are attentive to hints, the more info you have about your future and the the proper directions to success. Don’t blink;)


With much love, Maria


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T-shirt: American Eagle

Shorts: Forever 21

Sneakers: American Eagle

Watch: Bass&Co

Sunglasses: Forever 21