Purple Sunset

Life is too short to be negative, to cry, to live in fear, to focus on what you don’t have, to complain, and to underestimate your worth. Instead, we should think about what’s happening right now. We should laugh, love, forgive, take every chance, apologize when we should, smile, sing and dance when we’re happy, forget all mistakes and learn from them, wake up every morning with the words “Thank you God, for this life and forgive me if I don’t love it enough”, be thankful for everything, spend usefully time with the right people, appreciate the beauty of this world, be bright and shiny, travel, be yourself, and just do things that you never thought you could, so something wild, adventurous, amazing. Amazing places in this world and amazing people to have fun with. Time is a very precious thing and wasting it for the things that not bring you joy and happiness will lead to regret, compassion, and sorrow. You don’t need this in your life. Don’t plan anything. If you ant to do something, do it right now, but the most important are people who will share your qualities, wild way of thinking, and passion for spending the time usefully.

With much love, Maria



Pittsburgh Roller Coster Trip

Hey folks! This Sunday I was in Pittsburgh with my friends. The weather pleased us with sun and the fall colors were incredible. It was two hours ride, but when we wanted to go to downtown Pittsburgh, all roads were closed, so we were driving through the one highway three times 😀 my google maps navigator betrayed me ^_^, so we had to drive via usual iPhone maps. As the highways were closed, we had to go through usual road and here our adventures continued. The point is that the roads in Pennsylvania are like a roller coster. Always sharp turn right, then left, then sharply down or up. You have to know that adrenalin is my best friend, so it was actually very funny and my friends told me that the same roads has Sun Francisco, so now I have to check it out, but I don’t know how those people drive in winter time, scary even to think about that. We didn’t see much at that day, because of our labyrinth driving, but we saw enough to come back and be prepared next time! We were in the big square park with the huge fountain on the river. We even had a free parking because the machine didn’t want to accept our cards, so that was cool, actually in Sunday parking on the road is free, but it’s almost impossible to find the place there. Generally, I liked Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania itself cause it’s country life, and mountains, and nature. I would probably like to live there. The city is calm by itself, maybe because it was Sunday.IMG_7220 IMG_7224 t-c8tVZdIrA -ykyWHkGuQg IMG_1314IMG_7271 IMG_7282 IMG_7318 qMGeO4Zi6-ILater on, we accidentally found a guy, who showed us incredible view on the whole сity, plus it was sunset, so BOOOM!!! You can see this beauty by yourself ^-^.IMG_1399 o1fDfyoZ-HkIMG_1330IMG_1338Then we were wondering through the city, and I think that Pittsburgh is very cool, natural city and hello guys, it’s Pennsylvania! Everything here is mountain and natural, and adventurous! I wasn’t tired in that day, I was enormously satisfied. I am rarely tired when it’s about going somewhere. I think my next stop will be Columbus, it’s a student city, so hopefully it’ll be fun!

Have a fantabulous day!

xo, Maria

Sweater: Hollister

Top: Paraphrase

Jeans: American Eagle

Rings: Forever 21

Necklace: Maurices

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: Aldo


Hello folks! Today, I want to tell you about my Sunday farm inspiration. It just made my day! I loooove country life, that is why in every free minute of my life I want to go far away from the busy town noise and become a part of the nature. I love horses, I wish I had one! For me-horse is a beautiful creature that show its love and respect through watching into your eyes. At that time you realize how lucky you are to stand beside him. Ohhh and this white dog is everything, I tell you! This is my friend’s dog and he was having fun with us all day! I went with my two friends and we spent unforgettable Sunday with pumpkins, fruit directly from the trees, and beautiful sunset. People who live in Ohio should definitely go there and check it out. It’s called Patterson farm. I recommend going there in a good weather,at least when it’s sunny, because you’ll have a chance to see the sunset which you’ll never forget. A actually didn’t like fall before this time, but I’m getting used to it because fall paints in colors that summer has never seen. I decided to dress as a country girl, so I could fill the atmosphere. There are two more farms that I want to visit this fall. Hope to have the same excitement as from the previous one. So long story short. Thanks for reading and watching. Love fall and don’t forget to travel sometime.

Have a fantabulous day! xo, M

Hat: H&M

Dress: Forever 21

Boots: Nordstrom Rack

Bracelet: Pandora

Rings: Forever 21

Watch: Bass&Co

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